Cheek trainer
An aid in case of sigmatismus (lisp) and if /sh/ is not pronounced correctly. It strengthens the M. ...
Article nr.: 9338
€ 39.00
Mouth-closing trainer
A c-shaped silicone strip, with burling on both sides. Stimulates closing of the mouth through tactile perception.
Article nr.: 9337
€ 24.00
Lip trainer
The plastic plates are put into the vestibulum.
Article nr.: 9336
€ 34.00
Buttons Large pack of 50 pieces
Large pack of 50 pieces
Article nr.: 9335a
€ 58.00
It is used to pull the lips in order to strengthens them.
Article nr.: 9335
€ 13.60
Ballovent is a therapeutic and prophylactic aid for training of the orofacial muscles as well as the ...
Article nr.: 9333
€ 22.80
Blow-Suction Bottles, inset
Detailed product information is coming soon.
Article nr.: 9332a
€ 24.20
Bottles for sucking and blowing
A combination of two bottles connected by tubes. One of the bottles is filled with water (exercise is ...
Article nr.: 9332
€ 48.00
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