Mini Massagevibrator mit 4 Aufsätzen
Article nr.: 9316a
€ 17.00
Wooden whistle
An audible stimulus for breathing therapy. The wooden whistle encourages a stronger exhale and closing of the lips.
Article nr.: 9317
€ 10.20
Trumpet Pipe
It easily produces a sound . Therefore it sensibilize the breathing of e.g. apallic patients .
Article nr.: 9317a
€ 10.20
Gag balls
This set of 6 different-sized gag balls can be used in therapy for dysphagia, facial nerve parasis, persistent ...
Article nr.: 9318
€ 70.40
Lips tonus
The lip toner consists of 6 different-sized oral screens which stimulate an increase of tone.
Article nr.: 9319
€ 83.60
Trunk-shapped pipes
These trunk-shaped whistles can be rolled out with the mouth or with the nose (by holding the other nostril ...
Article nr.: 9320
€ 2.10
One package contains 10 bones in 5 different sizes.
Article nr.: 9321
€ 32.60
Scales for rigor of the lips
Hook the button (article no. 9335) into the scales with approx. 40 cm of string, e.g. dental floss (article no. 9341).
Article nr.: 9322
€ 108.00
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