Assortment of Elastics by Furtenbach
9 different species of rings.
Article nr.: 9363
€ 16.70
Ballovent is a therapeutic and prophylactic aid for training of the orofacial muscles as well as the ...
Article nr.: 9333
€ 22.80
Blow-Suction Bottles, inset
Detailed product information is coming soon.
Article nr.: 9332a
€ 26.60
One package contains 10 bones in 5 different sizes.
Article nr.: 9321
€ 32.60
Bottles for sucking and blowing
A combination of two bottles connected by tubes. One of the bottles is filled with water (exercise is ...
Article nr.: 9332
€ 52.80
It is used to pull the lips in order to strengthens them.
Article nr.: 9335
€ 15.00
Buttons Large pack of 50 pieces
Large pack of 50 pieces
Article nr.: 9335a
€ 63.80
External diameter Cannula is pushed into the board oft he pacifier through a hole.
Article nr.: 9311
€ 3.20
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