Cannula Big Package with 10 meter
Cannula is pushed into the board oft he pacifier through a hole.
Article nr.: 9311a
€ 29.00
Cheek Holder Mirahold Bambino
for children till 6 age old It helps to retract the lips so that the teeth are well shown. In the diagnosis ...
Article nr.: 9355
€ 21.40
Cheek Trainer PLUS
For teens and adult Stronger than the cheek trainer. For everyone who already has exercised with the previous model.
Article nr.: 9338a
€ 44.00
Cheek holder – Mirahold
Mirahold for teenager and adult
Article nr.: 9354
€ 21.40
Cheek holder – Spandex
Spandex – self holder , for teens and adult
Article nr.: 9356
€ 27.70
Cheek trainer
An aid in case of sigmatismus (lisp) and if /sh/ is not pronounced correctly. It strengthens the M. ...
Article nr.: 9338
€ 42.90
Chewing tube - Latex
Material External diameter: 10mmInternal diameter: 4 mm
Article nr.: 9312b
€ 6.50
Chewing tube silicone
Material External diameter: 8 mmInternal diameter: 4 mm
Article nr.: 9312a
€ 5.80
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