Thermic stimulator
The goal is a thermic sensitization of the orofacial muscular system to achieve an increase in perception and tone.
Article nr.: 9310
€ 30.00
Thin silicone tube
Article nr.: 9313
€ 2.28
Tongue trainer
Helps to strengthen the tongue muscles.
Article nr.: 9366
€ 36.96
Made from non-toxic polypropylene, 18cm long, the ring has an inner diameter of 1,5cm.
Article nr.: 9300
€ 13.70
There are three different weights (15g, 25g, and 50g).
Article nr.: 9302
€ 45.90
Tri-Chew blau
Article nr.: 9511
€ 12.50
Trumpet Pipe
It easily produces a sound . Therefore it sensibilize the breathing of e.g. apallic patients .
Article nr.: 9317a
€ 9.24
Trunk-shapped pipes
These trunk-shaped whistles can be rolled out with the mouth or with the nose (by holding the other nostril ...
Article nr.: 9320
€ 1.90
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